Working with typing in a popular editor from the company of Bill Gates, sooner or later, each PC user will be faced with the fact that he will need to know how to put a degrees sign in Word. This can come in handy in a wide variety of situations.For example, indicate the units of measurement of area (square meters), volume (cubic meters), write a chemical (valency of elements) or mathematical formula, as well as in many other cases. Most novice users think this is difficult, but in fact it is not at all.There are a couple of simple ways that mastering a degree in Word will be easy.

degrees sign

Assign a degree in Word

The described method is universal. It can be used in various versions of the Word program and even in many other similar applications for working with text created by third-party developers. To get started, just type the text so as not to get confused and often do not switch. Then select the necessary element.For example, you need to assign a degree in Word to the number 10, write 102. So, type “102”, and then select “2” with the cursor or in another convenient way. After that we call the menu “Font”.

This can be done by pressing the right mouse button, calling the context menu, or pay attention to the main toolbar located at the top, where you should go to “Format” – “Font”.After completing these steps, there will be only one simple action. But before putting a degree in Word, in the window that opens, the user should familiarize himself with the capabilities of the “Modify” field. By default, all of its items are disabled.By checking the box next to any of them, the user activates it. To get the required 10 squared, simply use the option “Superscript” in the indicated way. As a result, the highlighted number “2” will occupy the required position from above.

It should be noted that knowing how to put a degree in Word will help to gain, for example, the valency of chemical elements in the formulas. Consider the well-known H2O water formula. By analogy with the previous paragraph, select “2”, in any convenient way we open the “Font” menu, where we select the checkbox opposite the option “Subscript.”

Degree symbol in Word versions from 2007

This method is suitable for Word versions starting from 2007. The key difference from the first method is that you must first open the Font section and then print. So, having performed the necessary actions, the user opened the desired menu item.

Then he should pay attention to the buttons “X2” and “X2” present here, which respectively indicate superscript and subscript fonts. By pressing the desired key, it will light up yellow. Now, all that the user will type on the keyboard will be placed according to the required parameters.This is convenient when you need to type some text “as an insert”.Knowing how to put a degree in Word, the user will be able to quickly and confidently enter this and other similar elements into the text, significantly speeding up typing and making work with office applications more productive.