Adults Are Playing Marbles

Have you been good marbles player as a child? Do you think that the times when you had a chance to win in this game are over? Don’t worry — you are in the best age to compete with others. There are many marbles tournaments for adults. Continue reading to learn more.

In these days, we do not need only look at our children how they enjoy this game. There are many tournaments around the world. In the USA and the UK, there is very popular game called Ringer. In the continental Europe and some Asian countries, hole game is played. Both of these games have its own world marbles championship and some international tournaments. Playing marbles at the world championship in the hole game started at 2005. This tournament is open to participants from all countries in the world. It is organized every year in Prague, Czech Republic, in the end of July.

But playing marbles is possible on many other tournaments. In the countries which have established its own marbles federation can people play on local, regional and national tournaments. While some people take this sport very seriously, spend a lot of time by training and attend the most important tournaments, many others don’t care about the results, but rather take the family to the tournaments and enjoy the atmosphere of the event. In other words, for some people are these tournaments competitive sport and for others nice game.

So if your children are playing marbles take them to the tournament or organize one. If they prefer to play computer games, no problem — you are and always will be young enough to participate in adults marbles tournaments.

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